Thursday, May 20, 2010


This past week just zoomed past.

Friday I had my mom chop off my hair. My family was getting a little tired of finding long hairs in there food.

We shaved the little mans hair earlier that week. Not sure if we like it. It really makes him look much older.

Saturday we spent it garage saling. A large community by our house does a neighborhood sale every year. This year we did not get any great buys. All I came home with was a sunburn.

Sunday was just a lazy day. I should of spent it cleaning but a nap sounded much better.

Monday was the little mans birthday. I did no prep for his day what so ever. We stayed in our PJ's until 2pm. I tried to get some cleaning done but I still did not find time to scrub the toilet. I sent the boys out at 4pm to by a cake and pick up dinner and this is what the little man picked out.

Oh well... he only turns three once.

He got everything he wanted and more. A fishing pole, his own camera and a child size electric guitar.

Tuesday the hubby took the little man to Play to Learn and I took the little lady to the doctor. My petite little girl weighs in at 13 lbs at 2 1/2 months old.

Wednesday we spent the morning chopping wood and just as the hubby finished a storm rolled in. A trip to the grocery store rounded out our day.

Not sure whats in store for today but if I dont get myself up and start my day before I know it it will of zoomed away.


Amber said...

Happy belated birthday to your little man. His birthday cupcakes look yummy!

*Michelle* said...

I think his hair looks cute! Sometimes I wish I could do that with the boy over here-- fat chance! Nothing wrong with a casual birthday. People tend to over do it, imo.

meo and hitty said...


Yes, life has a way of doing that!
As long as you're having fun on the ride! I am.
Looks like you are too.