Thursday, August 28, 2008

All boy.......

I have always been told that the little man is all boy. I dont really know what that means but today he showed me that there is more to him than just a rambunctious strong willed child.

While playing in his playroom he found a baby doll in his toy box. He calls everything a baby but this was really a baby.

I was sitting on the floor folding diapers (yes, I know that it is silly to fold diapers) and he came up and took a diaper and wrapped up the baby with it. I almost could not believe my eyes. He than took the baby and started rocking it in his arms. He played with it for almost ten minutes carrying it around up side down, playing with its eyes, hands and ears.
My hubby caught him playing with the baby a little later and of course got better pictures. This might be a one time thing but we got pictures to prove it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A day trip to see Great Grandpa

Yesterday we all packed into my sisters van and took the hour and a half long trip to go see the little mans Great Grandpa. It must of been a little over whelming for him to have all four of this great grand kids there at the same time.

We came over with a ton of food, fried chicken, peanut butter cookies, Cheetos (his favorite) and my sisters famous potato salad.

The little man would not leave the stairs alone. He is such a little toddler now. We even blocked them with some furniture but he climbed that with ease. He also fell in love with his little brown poodle. I dont know which one had more energy the dog or the little man.

It was a long over due visit. Maybe we can make the trip again sooner than later.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lets go fly a kite or three

We just got back from our three day trip to the kite festival. We had a blast.

Day one- It rained almost the whole three hour drive to Long Beach but as soon as we got to the beach the sun came out and the rain stopped and so did the the crying little man in the back seat.

Just a few of the many kites

So happy to be out of the car and able to stretch his legs

Our happy family at dinner at the pizza place
I guess you can never have too many cell phones.

Ready to go fly a kite just like Daddy.

Day two- We started the day off at the beach so daddy could fly his kites.

The little man wanted to help daddy with his kites

Grandma had to bring the little man to play in the water. I dont know which one wanted to play in the water more.

Playing in the sand was one of the little mans favorite things to do on this trip

Day three- We went into town to window shop.

Being silly while the little man slept in the stroller

Our family in the frying pan
Yummy ice cream

Daddy on the go carts

Watching daddy go around and around

Like father like son

My wonderful hubby with a red sun burned face

The little man slept the whole way home.

We had a wonderful trip and we are already planning for next year.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One tomato, two tomato

So I finally got a redish tomato on my tomato plants. Up until now the little man did not notice that they were even growing on the plants but now it is hard to keep his hands off of them.
I have to keep reminding him to leave them alone but a few days ago I was too late at reminding him and he picked it. Well.... he did not really pick it he squished it. It was not fully red and ripe but I eat it anyway (I could not let it go to waste). It tasted pretty good. Nice and sweet. Since it has been raining they have been growing like crazy and almost all of them are redish now. When I first planted them I thought they would never grow but they have surprised me.

It must be all of the little man watering that helped them to grow.

A few of his favorite things

The little man has two new items that he is in love with of right now.

One is a bug broom. I got it on clearance at Wal mart last week (he would not let go of it at the store so we had to get it) and for three days it was always an arm length away.

Do you see it in the pool?

Number two are his "cow"boy boots. They are rubber rain boots that have a cow design on them. At first he did not really like them so I took them off his feet. A few minutes later he was putting them on himself. So all night yesterday he wore them and all morning today.

It was hard to get a picture of them since he was running all over the house.

I guess it is a good thing since we are getting so much August rain.

Both of his favorite things together.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A night out on the town

On Friday we went out with some friends. We started the night off at the best Mexican restaurant in Milton, Ranchito. After are wonderful meals we headed over to our house for some chit chat time. Since the house was 85 degrease we sat out by the pool.
At about 8:30pm we headed down to the park to watch the fireworks. While at the park we meet up with some other friends and danced to the live band.
The fireworks started at 10pm. It was another great show. The little man just sat there amazed. The show lasted about a half an hour. At the very end one of the fireworks flew into the crowed. Everyone seemed to be OK but it was a little scary. All and all we had a great Friday.
On Saturday Milton days continued with a parade down the main street. The little man just stood there in shock and watched all the people, cars, floats, and clowns. The hubby was at a car show in Tacoma and had a fun Saturday also.
Summer is almost over so we better get out and enjoy it before its gone.
Photos from our night in Mexico:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family Pictures

Jessy with Shutterstar Photography took some great pictures of us at the ocean. Here are a few of them.

This is my favorite one. I plan on getting it printed real big and hanging it above the fireplace.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our camping trip

We packed the cooler with a ton of food. Loaded down the car with everything but the kitchen sink and we were off.
We took a little detour by Jessy's house so she could take a picture of our packed car.

The little man had so much fun playing in the sand with the other boys it was hard to get him in the car to leave.

We will be back at the ocean a few weeks.