Sunday, December 11, 2011

Picture outtakes

Taking pictures of kids takes the right kind of person, and I dont think that I am 'that' kind of person.
Christmas is creeping up and I still have not put together cards. If I cant get a good picture of them both here soon I might just have to use one of these.
Here are the best of the worse pictures over the past week.

 Brotherly love= head lock.

 I just love it that I now have two kids that like to 'cheese it up' for the camera.
Those are my Littles and I love every moment of them!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

O' Christmas tree

Last night we bundled up the family, packed into the truck and headed off to find the perfect tree.
Normally we just put up our 'fake' one but this year we loaned it to some amazing friends so we could venture out and get a 'real' one.
We headed over to the local fruit stand in hopes that they had just the right one for us.
In years past we have not had the greatest of luck with real trees but this year we were going to put the past behind us and enjoy the experience of a 'real' tree.
We found 'our' tree hiding in the back row where it was very heard to see its beauty. It it a little crocked and not so full but I just knew it was going to look (and smell) amazing.
After a little sawing and trimming the tree finally made it into our house.
The Littles were very excited to start decorating it and both did a great job.
Lets just hope that the fire place does not dry it out too much and it will last til Christmas.
(Only one ornament was broke in the decorating of the tree.)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Paint, puzzles and a whole lot more

The Little Man found these wooden cars the otherday while cleaning up the playroom. We got them almost two years ago for him to paint and we forgot... until now.
I dont think that this kids can forget anything.
So we pulled out some paint and brushes and got to work. He quickly learned how to make orange, purple and his all time favorite green by doing a little mixing.
He has now decided that these three cars will become gifts to give his love ones. I am so glad to see that he is thinking more about what he is going to give as gifts than get as gifts.
But along the line of gifts I think that both of The Littles will be getting a puzzle or two and some more drawing supplies.
The Little Lady is enjoying working on the wooden peg puzzles. She has figured out how to turn the pieces around and get them to fit without getting upset.
The Little Man has been having fun working on 24 piece puzzles.
He has also been showing off his drawing skills.
I dont know if it is my mom side or my creative side but every time he draws a picture it just melts my heart and puts a HUGE smile on my face to no one can wipe off.
Here is his drawing called 'When Mommy and Daddy got married.'
LOVE it!!!

Very thankful

We turned our Thanksgiving into a mini vacation by hooking up the trailer, climbing in the truck and heading out of town.
We had fun spending our time with family and people we just met.
The weather was wet and cold but what can you really expect at the end of November?!
The kids were able to get out and ride bikes or go putt putting most days. But when the rain was coming down and the wind was blowing we were stuck inside. We watched WAY too much TV and now we are on a much needed TV diet.
Some of our time inside was spent playing games and drawing.
If The Little Lady finds a pen she will then be on a mission to find some paper. She just loves to draw. If no paper is found she might just start drawing on her belly.
On Thanksgiving morning The Little Lady even decided to leave a little turkey hand print on the trailer window.
It reminds me of this little hand print from a few years back.