Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Paint, puzzles and a whole lot more

The Little Man found these wooden cars the otherday while cleaning up the playroom. We got them almost two years ago for him to paint and we forgot... until now.
I dont think that this kids can forget anything.
So we pulled out some paint and brushes and got to work. He quickly learned how to make orange, purple and his all time favorite green by doing a little mixing.
He has now decided that these three cars will become gifts to give his love ones. I am so glad to see that he is thinking more about what he is going to give as gifts than get as gifts.
But along the line of gifts I think that both of The Littles will be getting a puzzle or two and some more drawing supplies.
The Little Lady is enjoying working on the wooden peg puzzles. She has figured out how to turn the pieces around and get them to fit without getting upset.
The Little Man has been having fun working on 24 piece puzzles.
He has also been showing off his drawing skills.
I dont know if it is my mom side or my creative side but every time he draws a picture it just melts my heart and puts a HUGE smile on my face to no one can wipe off.
Here is his drawing called 'When Mommy and Daddy got married.'
LOVE it!!!

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