Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What it takes

While up at my parents cabin a few weeks ago my Mom picked up my camera and took a few pictures of me getting the little man dresses.

This is what it takes to get the little man dressed each morning.

It all starts the night before with convincing the little man to get his pajamas on. Just so in the morning you can start you day by convincing him that he wants them off and cloths on. It is a vicious cycle.

Once you got the pajamas off you than have to chase and catch the little man.

If you start with the shirt it is a little easier sometimes.

Than it is time to move onto the underwear and pants.

Take a little pit stop to kiss the boo boo that he got from trying to get away from me.

Stand him up and pill up and zip the pants.

Next you have him sit on your lap so that the socks can go on.

Than wipe the sweat off you brow because he is dressed for now.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Its so easy...

A few weeks ago we told the little man that his uncle is on TV. This is not totally true. There is just someone on TV that looks like him. Here is the whole story.

I have a brother that I dont see very often and that the little man has only meet once. During that one meeting the little man grew very fond of him.

The little man and his uncle Doug in January 2009.

So since he does not get to see him very much we told him that the caveman on the Geico Advertisements is Uncle Doug.

You have got to admit it, they do look a lot alike.

I wrote this post out of love not hate.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Like a kid in a candy store... music store

Yesterday our family took a little trip to our local music store. The little man could not believe his eyes. I dont know if it was because he had just woke up from his nap or if he was just in shock. He was even more excited when we told him that he could play the drums.

After looking at all the drums we went over to the guitars. He was not able to play any of them but he had fun looking at all the colors, Yellow was his favorite.

We might just have to take a trip to the music store more often than just when we need some new drum sticks. Until next time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mr. Creative

What do you get when you mix a two year old, a wonderful September day, a melon baller, and a tub of bubbles?

You get Mr. Creative who decided all on his own that he was going to use the melon baller he found while exploring my cabinets, to blow bubbles.

Here is how it works.
First you get your bubbles. Than the melon baller.

Get some soap on the end.

Than blow.

What will he come up with next?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Not me Mondays

Where to start.

Yesterday the little man did not go to church in the same underwear that he wore the day before nor did we get out of the car in the driveway to pee because I had forgot to ask him if he needed to go before he got in the car. He also did not spend most of the afternoon half naked because I felt bad about the whole same underwear thing but not bad enough to have him dirty up a clean pair.

Also while cleaning my bedroom, that did not need to be cleaned, I did not open up the shelf that we have had for a few months that I thought was empty to find all of my stash of diapers in there that I have been looking for since I found out I expecting another baby. I did not then fill the shelf with all of my fabric that was laying around our bedroom, shut the doors and called the room clean.

Today I did not run out of toilet paper and I did not have to use a cloth wipe to get my self clean. I also did not skip out on house work to take the little man to a play date.

I will leave you with this picture that I did not take this morning when we were both still half a sleep and still in our pajamas.

No that is not the little mans name tag still on his shirt from church. Who would let there child sleep with stickers?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our trip to the fair

Last Friday our family took a trip to the fair. We got there about 10:30am, so that we could get in for free. That left more money for all of the over priced fair food.

Ever since they had started advertising for the fair the little man was fascinated by it. Every time we would drive by a billboard he would scream "my fair." So we counted down the days (even though he did not really know what to expect).
After walking around a while looking at animals it was time for some rides. I think that he liked the big slide the best.

He is still talking about it.
The spring fair will be here before we know it and we will be doing this all over again but this time with two kids.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Our trip to the woods

Our family had a great time in the woods.

Riding quads.

Putting in some pipe.

Going for walks.

Cutting some wood.

Eating some chocolate and ice cream.

And just hanging out relaxing.

RIP Bert. Enjoy your resting spot among the trees.

Monday, September 14, 2009

We are off...

To go explore the woods,
get a little dirty,
roast some marshmallows,
spend time with family,
say good bye to a beloved dog,
and just rest.

We will be back soon with many new pictures to share.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Family, Food and a little Fishing

Here in Washington we had a wonderful Memorial day weekend, a nice 4th of July, so of course it has to rain on Labor day weekend. Well not just rain but dump, hail, thunder and lightning, and I think that I even heard something about a tornado up on the hills. But none of that kept us Washingtonians from a little family gathering.

We all gathered under the green covered pop-ups when it was raining, when the sun decided to peek through than everyone cheered and ran out into the sun so we could dry then off just a little before it started dumping again. Of course there was the wind also that tried to take our shelters away. Nothing was going to stop us.

The little man was all prepared with is firefighter rain coat and his cow rubber boots. Nothing was going to stop him from fishing. He was able to borrow his cousins little fishing pole and he was as happy as a clam (no one told him that it was Barbie, even though he has no idea what a barbie is). He tried for a while but no fish but if you ask him he did catch one, I guess that makes him a real fisherman.

After a little fishing it was time for a boat ride. Him and his cousin climbed right in and wanted to go, just the two of them.

After a little convincing and a life jacket for the little man they were off with Grandpa.

What a wonderful way to spend the weekend, with family, some great food, and just a little fishing. Maybe next year there will be a little less rain.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just a few of his favorite things

I came across a folding tunnel a month ago at the local thrift store. The little man loves it. Every time I open up the hall closet he reaches for it, pulls it out and works with all his might to open it.

Another one of his favorite things is to read books. He does not care who read them just as long as they get read. I dont have any complaints over our hours opon hours of reading time a day but just with in the past few weeks he has found the joy of reading to himself, which is nice also.

So here he is sitting in his tunnel reading a book.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My thrift store finds

My mom and dad came back into town on Sunday just ahead of a horrible RV fire and the 20 mile back up that followed. Since she was here on a Monday we had to get together and do some much needed thrift store shopping.
So we headed to the local Value Village in search of the sale tag. Here are a few of my amazing finds.

Well this was going to be a picture of the little man wearing a dog costume but instead it is a picture of the little man taking it off. He wanted to wear the costume a few time yesterday but of course as soon as I take the camera out he wants it off. I also snatched up a black dog costume also. Both of the costumes are size small (2-3) and from Costco. I thought even if he does not wear them on Halloween he will get a kick out of wearing them around the house.

I also found this amazing hand embroidered nursery rhyme quilt. It has had much love and will get lots more. Some of the squares I am a little unsure what they are but is is much more than I know that I could ever do.

Last but not least I picked up this super cute Old Navy duck outfit for the new baby. It was so cute I could not pass it up. The hood has a duck bill and eyes on it. The bottom of the pants are little webbed feet, so I dont have to fight with keeping little socks on little feet.
So here is the best part about everything that I found on my search. Everything was the right colored tag. Nothing cost more $.99 an item.