Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My thrift store finds

My mom and dad came back into town on Sunday just ahead of a horrible RV fire and the 20 mile back up that followed. Since she was here on a Monday we had to get together and do some much needed thrift store shopping.
So we headed to the local Value Village in search of the sale tag. Here are a few of my amazing finds.

Well this was going to be a picture of the little man wearing a dog costume but instead it is a picture of the little man taking it off. He wanted to wear the costume a few time yesterday but of course as soon as I take the camera out he wants it off. I also snatched up a black dog costume also. Both of the costumes are size small (2-3) and from Costco. I thought even if he does not wear them on Halloween he will get a kick out of wearing them around the house.

I also found this amazing hand embroidered nursery rhyme quilt. It has had much love and will get lots more. Some of the squares I am a little unsure what they are but is is much more than I know that I could ever do.

Last but not least I picked up this super cute Old Navy duck outfit for the new baby. It was so cute I could not pass it up. The hood has a duck bill and eyes on it. The bottom of the pants are little webbed feet, so I dont have to fight with keeping little socks on little feet.
So here is the best part about everything that I found on my search. Everything was the right colored tag. Nothing cost more $.99 an item.

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