Monday, September 7, 2009

Family, Food and a little Fishing

Here in Washington we had a wonderful Memorial day weekend, a nice 4th of July, so of course it has to rain on Labor day weekend. Well not just rain but dump, hail, thunder and lightning, and I think that I even heard something about a tornado up on the hills. But none of that kept us Washingtonians from a little family gathering.

We all gathered under the green covered pop-ups when it was raining, when the sun decided to peek through than everyone cheered and ran out into the sun so we could dry then off just a little before it started dumping again. Of course there was the wind also that tried to take our shelters away. Nothing was going to stop us.

The little man was all prepared with is firefighter rain coat and his cow rubber boots. Nothing was going to stop him from fishing. He was able to borrow his cousins little fishing pole and he was as happy as a clam (no one told him that it was Barbie, even though he has no idea what a barbie is). He tried for a while but no fish but if you ask him he did catch one, I guess that makes him a real fisherman.

After a little fishing it was time for a boat ride. Him and his cousin climbed right in and wanted to go, just the two of them.

After a little convincing and a life jacket for the little man they were off with Grandpa.

What a wonderful way to spend the weekend, with family, some great food, and just a little fishing. Maybe next year there will be a little less rain.

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