Monday, July 16, 2012

Jam making

Today a friend and I made an impromptu trip down to a local farm to get berries.
We put my two kids' cars seats into her mini van and us and the five kids were off to the farm. Before we left we called to make sure there were still strawberries. Since our strawberry season here has been very strange this year.
When we got down there not only did they have lots of berries they also had yesterday's berries for five dollars less. They were just perfectly ripe and ready for jam making.
I got a flat and a half of strawberries and a half flat of raspberries.
I was able to can 11 pints of strawberry jam and 5 pints of strawberry raspberry jam. We even had some leftover to have tonight on shortcake and I froze some raspberries to add to muffins and yogurt.
I love berry season. Soon the blueberries and blackberries will be ripe and it will be time to do more canning.