Thursday, April 11, 2013

Little yellow flowers

I have written who knows how many blog post in my head over the past year... and none of them have made it into a post.
Just over the past week I have really felt the pull to get back to blogging.
So here I am putting my thoughts into words.

Here is the story of The Little Fists Full of Flowers.
Yesterday my Littles came running inside, each holding a fist full of flowers.
'Here mom. We picked these for you.'
My heart just melted, like it does so often.
Their choice of flowers were what many chose to call weeds but to them they were the best gift that they could think of to give to... ME.
What my two Littles did not know... I had been watching them over the past few minutes, running around the yard picking every flower they could find.
As I watched them I had the biggest smile on my face.
They are just so amazing.
When the came running inside to show me their gift, I think my smile got even bigger.
I filled a jar with water and placed each hand picked flower into it.
Each flower was very unique and picked with love.

As we drove by a large empty field that evening The Little Man stared out the window in AW.
'LOOK mom. Look at all those flowers we could pick.'
Yes son life is full of flowers you can pick. You just have to have eyes to look for them.
And not only do you need eyes to see them but you need to reach out and grab them.
And when you have them its best to give them away with love.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our new adventure

Well things are changing and changing fast for our family.
We decided just after the first of the year to place our house on the market. There were many reasons we wanted to sell and they all fit into one nice umbrella- Our house was just not fitting our families needs anymore.
So after just three short days on the market we got two offers on it.
I was a little overwhelmed. I was not expecting this.
We accepted one of the offers and now the waiting begins.
Since we are selling short sale it was still be a few months before we have to be out but still much faster than I had expected.
Where do we plan to go now, you might ask. Well we are going to down size for a while and move in with a friend until the perfect piece of property comes onto market. We are looking for a nice size lot that we can turn into our family homestead/ farm.
I am very excited for our new adventure. Its not all about the grand price its about the adventure we take to get there.
So, one day we will have a house of our own again but until then we will enjoy the road that takes us there.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new year

It's a new year so why not start it off with a new blog post.
We have had some very low key days since the busy days surrounding Christmas.
This morning was so bright and beautiful so we bundled up, each with multiple pants, and packed into the family car and headed out to enjoy the day.
The Hubby was able to get some kite flying in as The Little Man rode his bike and I was able to do some walking while The Little Lady rode on my back in the Ergo.
The Little Mans {big} Christmas gift was an elaborated baseball card and clothespin that has a muffler to boost the sound. It's called a turbo{something} booster maybe. The name does not really matter all that much what really matters is that The Little Man thinks it cool. So he was very excited to ride his bike around today. He got many looks and a few comments about it.
The Little Lady had her trike also but she was more excited to just watch the kites and be held. I was fine with holding her or wearing her since I could use the extra calories I was burning and also the extra body heat.
After only being there for an hour we were so cold I was glad I thought to bring cocoa and tea.
I am excited to see what this new year will bring and hopefully show up here on the blog more often then not.
Welcome 2013