Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our new adventure

Well things are changing and changing fast for our family.
We decided just after the first of the year to place our house on the market. There were many reasons we wanted to sell and they all fit into one nice umbrella- Our house was just not fitting our families needs anymore.
So after just three short days on the market we got two offers on it.
I was a little overwhelmed. I was not expecting this.
We accepted one of the offers and now the waiting begins.
Since we are selling short sale it was still be a few months before we have to be out but still much faster than I had expected.
Where do we plan to go now, you might ask. Well we are going to down size for a while and move in with a friend until the perfect piece of property comes onto market. We are looking for a nice size lot that we can turn into our family homestead/ farm.
I am very excited for our new adventure. Its not all about the grand price its about the adventure we take to get there.
So, one day we will have a house of our own again but until then we will enjoy the road that takes us there.

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Sandra said...

Wow! That happened fast! That is amazing that your house sold after only two days on the market. Amazing! Your house was pretty cool. Jasper still remembers that play area in your back yard. I totally hear you about your house not meeting your needs. I think all of the house buying/moving/changing around us led us to do the same. It will be fun to share this new journey with you!