Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Living life and loving it

Just a few of my loves in my life.
The power of four-
I just love the new joys that a four year old brings.
The other night at dinner the little man was not real interested in dinner. Most of the time I allow him to listen to his body but other times we do the X number of bites. Our new favorite number to use is four.
The other night at dinner he eyes lit up when he realized that the fork has four prongs (unlike the three prong forks that I grew up with). So he decided the was going to put his bites of meat on each prong.
 He was counting the bites of meat in the picture.
Sometimes when the little lady is sitting on the potty she needs a little something to keep her busy so that she will sit and get done what she needs to do. Toothpaste and a toothbrush fit that bill.
Other times she want to sit there longer and I dont listen. I think after today and having to wash a dirty pair of panties I will listen. Lesson learned.
Heart shaped sunglasses-
The littles really do love each other.
They have there times when they argue and dont get along but there love for each other really shine through.
One of the amazing signs that tomorrow is a new day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Today 06/17/11

The little man had a fun night last night with his uncle. He was even a little bummed when I got there to pick him up. He even made it through the whole night with out his blankie. He is just getting so big.
His fun day kept going.
Tonight the hubby took the little man to the M's game. They also went with 4 cousins and two uncles.
To their surprise it was even jersey night.
The little man is even holding the ball that he caught during batting practice.
So the little lady and I had another nice calm evening together.
We enjoyed some sunshine and homemade ice cream.
What do you think of the pony? I just love it. It makes her look older but it is just so cute. She even asked for it this morning.
Here is another view from a few days ago.
Today the clouds were just amazing.
The day was not all amazing.
We did get a phone call at 4am this morning. The hubbys grandpa had passed away. He is going to be missed greatly.
The hubby sat down with the little man and told him that great grandpa went to heaven. The little man seemed a little sad and than he said with a smile 'So he is not hurting anymore and he is all better?' Yes little man you are very right.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011


The little man is spending the night at my brothers tonight. I figured I should catch up on some blog post but I hear my bed calling my name. So here goes...

A month ago we took a trip to Ikea with another friend. The adventure started before we even left the driveway.
After a little while we managed to fit the three car seats and kids in the back seat of my friends truck. They were packed in like sardines but it was well worth it.
Once we got there the littles caught eye of the little carts and so both had to have their own.
I was really surprised how well they did with them. They ended up pushing them through most of the store. The little lady hopped in the cart with her friend for a little while but soon she was back to pushing.
We ended up taking many pit stops but ended up with everything we needed and more.
Both littles just loved the child size sinks in the bathrooms.
No trip to Ikea is complete without lunch.
I think we will have to make this trip more often it. It just a fun place to be.

Ok Bed you win... here I come.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Schools out

The little mans last day of school was on the Friday the 3rd.
On his last day of school he organized a band and built a guitar and microphone out of blocks.
So when I got there to pick him up he showed me how he jammed out.
The last day of school was followed up an end of the school year BBQ that evening. I made crock pot baked beans to share. It was my first time making them and I thought they turned out great. I even have a jar left over in my freezer to enjoy later. I think I will be making them again.

Since his last day of school we have started working through the book Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. We have been working on letter sounds. He know knows mmmm, ssss and aaaa. So anytime he sees any of the letters out or in a book he gets so excited and tells me the sounds.
Its so amazing to watch him learn and discover the world around him.
Speaking of discovering the world I think that our bird nest by our front door might have some baby birds in it. I hear lots of chirping but I have not been able to see inside of the nest yet. I enjoy hearing all of the bird sounds just outside our door.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekending- 06/12/11

This weekend the sun was shining.
The littles still wore long sleeved shirts most of the weekend but at least the sun was out. The even enjoyed Popsicles.
They were made with homemade yogurt, bananas and blue berries.
They both enjoyed them. The little lady was a little more messy.
(She has now decided that she needs to tilt her head and cheese it up in pictures just like the little man.)
The little man even took the little lady for a ride. He was happy to except for when she decides that she is done and ready to move on to something else.
He is doing better and talking to her and listening to her. He still like to do what he wants and most of the time she is happy to do what he is doing. But her personality is coming out more and she is not afraid to give you a piece of her mind.
I am still trying to work with him to remember to talk to her before he just pushes her or grabs something from her hands.
All in all he is a very loving and kind big brother.
I was telling the hubby this weekend that I feel like I will be taking the little lady to the ER before I take the little man.
She is cautious in some ways (like sliding down the slide feet first on her belly) but not in other ways (like climbing to the top of a 6 foot high ladder by herself to get there).
I looked out the kitchen window this weekend and saw her standing on the top of the sideways tractor tire. I just stood there and watched her come down the same way she got up there like it was no big deal. I thought for sure she was going to come crashing down. I guess she has more balance than I thought.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Night walking

After the littles took baths last night we went on a walk in our pajamas.
The little man sported his elmo pj's. It wade me a little sad when he put them on and they were getting a little snug but put a big smile back on my face that he was not embarrassed (yet) to go out in  public in them. The little lady wore her hand me down glow in the dark bone pajamas. They are getting a little small for her also but they are just so cute I put them on her almost every chance I get.
 The little man shared his tricycle with the little lady before we started walking.
The little man did a great job pedalling almost the whole walk. Soon he will be able to ride his bigger bike on our walks. The little lady hung out in the ergo and slept most of the walk.
 When we got home the hubby had us go and look at the front door. This is what we saw...
Some bird has decided that the corner of our front door is a great spot to build a nest.
Its going to be fun to have a new neighbor so close to watch and learn about. I wonder what type of birds make nests out of mud and straw... so much to learn about.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our time spent in the hills

I days in the hills were very laid back and enjoyable. I just wish the days leading up to our trips were not so stressful. But maybe the stress makes the relaxing even more enjoyable.
We got into the area a whole day before our friends so we spent the first night camping alongside of the hubby's parents. The little man even spent the night with them in their trailer.
In the morning we hooked back up and drove the 10 miles or so to our friends property.
The weather was so iffy that one minute the sun was out and the next it was dumping. I tried the set the littles up outside for lunch but almost before they eat there first bite the rain was back.
Between the showers they were able to explore the outdoors just the two of them before there friends showed up.

 The small pieces of wood in the wood pile made for nice building blocks.
On Saturday we headed into town for Packwood days. The streets are transformed into a giant flea market. And not flea market is complete without fair food.
 We found a few items at the sales but nothing amazing. Of course the hubby found lawn equipment. I come home with a few cook books.
Its always fun to look even if we dont buy anything. Plus the littles have fun hanging out with their friends.
On Sunday when the hubby went back into town the little man ended up being naughty. Him and his friend found a pair of scissors and even though they are 4 and 5 years old they both thought it would be fun to cut their jeans and hair. I am just thankful that I checked on them when I did since the little lady was in the trailer with them and who knows what could of happened then. So the little man is now sporting a new hair cut.
 Also on Sunday one of the families there decided to bring down a whole truck load of snow for the kids to play in. How many kids get to play in the snow in the end of May in 55 degree weather? The little lady had a few issues of falling on it but other than that fun was had by all.

All in all we had a great time in the hills.
Hopefully now I can get back into the groove if things before our next trip.