Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our time spent in the hills

I days in the hills were very laid back and enjoyable. I just wish the days leading up to our trips were not so stressful. But maybe the stress makes the relaxing even more enjoyable.
We got into the area a whole day before our friends so we spent the first night camping alongside of the hubby's parents. The little man even spent the night with them in their trailer.
In the morning we hooked back up and drove the 10 miles or so to our friends property.
The weather was so iffy that one minute the sun was out and the next it was dumping. I tried the set the littles up outside for lunch but almost before they eat there first bite the rain was back.
Between the showers they were able to explore the outdoors just the two of them before there friends showed up.

 The small pieces of wood in the wood pile made for nice building blocks.
On Saturday we headed into town for Packwood days. The streets are transformed into a giant flea market. And not flea market is complete without fair food.
 We found a few items at the sales but nothing amazing. Of course the hubby found lawn equipment. I come home with a few cook books.
Its always fun to look even if we dont buy anything. Plus the littles have fun hanging out with their friends.
On Sunday when the hubby went back into town the little man ended up being naughty. Him and his friend found a pair of scissors and even though they are 4 and 5 years old they both thought it would be fun to cut their jeans and hair. I am just thankful that I checked on them when I did since the little lady was in the trailer with them and who knows what could of happened then. So the little man is now sporting a new hair cut.
 Also on Sunday one of the families there decided to bring down a whole truck load of snow for the kids to play in. How many kids get to play in the snow in the end of May in 55 degree weather? The little lady had a few issues of falling on it but other than that fun was had by all.

All in all we had a great time in the hills.
Hopefully now I can get back into the groove if things before our next trip.

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