Friday, June 17, 2011

Today 06/17/11

The little man had a fun night last night with his uncle. He was even a little bummed when I got there to pick him up. He even made it through the whole night with out his blankie. He is just getting so big.
His fun day kept going.
Tonight the hubby took the little man to the M's game. They also went with 4 cousins and two uncles.
To their surprise it was even jersey night.
The little man is even holding the ball that he caught during batting practice.
So the little lady and I had another nice calm evening together.
We enjoyed some sunshine and homemade ice cream.
What do you think of the pony? I just love it. It makes her look older but it is just so cute. She even asked for it this morning.
Here is another view from a few days ago.
Today the clouds were just amazing.
The day was not all amazing.
We did get a phone call at 4am this morning. The hubbys grandpa had passed away. He is going to be missed greatly.
The hubby sat down with the little man and told him that great grandpa went to heaven. The little man seemed a little sad and than he said with a smile 'So he is not hurting anymore and he is all better?' Yes little man you are very right.
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