Monday, June 13, 2011

Schools out

The little mans last day of school was on the Friday the 3rd.
On his last day of school he organized a band and built a guitar and microphone out of blocks.
So when I got there to pick him up he showed me how he jammed out.
The last day of school was followed up an end of the school year BBQ that evening. I made crock pot baked beans to share. It was my first time making them and I thought they turned out great. I even have a jar left over in my freezer to enjoy later. I think I will be making them again.

Since his last day of school we have started working through the book Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. We have been working on letter sounds. He know knows mmmm, ssss and aaaa. So anytime he sees any of the letters out or in a book he gets so excited and tells me the sounds.
Its so amazing to watch him learn and discover the world around him.
Speaking of discovering the world I think that our bird nest by our front door might have some baby birds in it. I hear lots of chirping but I have not been able to see inside of the nest yet. I enjoy hearing all of the bird sounds just outside our door.

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