Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Night walking

After the littles took baths last night we went on a walk in our pajamas.
The little man sported his elmo pj's. It wade me a little sad when he put them on and they were getting a little snug but put a big smile back on my face that he was not embarrassed (yet) to go out in  public in them. The little lady wore her hand me down glow in the dark bone pajamas. They are getting a little small for her also but they are just so cute I put them on her almost every chance I get.
 The little man shared his tricycle with the little lady before we started walking.
The little man did a great job pedalling almost the whole walk. Soon he will be able to ride his bigger bike on our walks. The little lady hung out in the ergo and slept most of the walk.
 When we got home the hubby had us go and look at the front door. This is what we saw...
Some bird has decided that the corner of our front door is a great spot to build a nest.
Its going to be fun to have a new neighbor so close to watch and learn about. I wonder what type of birds make nests out of mud and straw... so much to learn about.

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