Thursday, June 16, 2011


The little man is spending the night at my brothers tonight. I figured I should catch up on some blog post but I hear my bed calling my name. So here goes...

A month ago we took a trip to Ikea with another friend. The adventure started before we even left the driveway.
After a little while we managed to fit the three car seats and kids in the back seat of my friends truck. They were packed in like sardines but it was well worth it.
Once we got there the littles caught eye of the little carts and so both had to have their own.
I was really surprised how well they did with them. They ended up pushing them through most of the store. The little lady hopped in the cart with her friend for a little while but soon she was back to pushing.
We ended up taking many pit stops but ended up with everything we needed and more.
Both littles just loved the child size sinks in the bathrooms.
No trip to Ikea is complete without lunch.
I think we will have to make this trip more often it. It just a fun place to be.

Ok Bed you win... here I come.

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