Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lost in the hills

Our family has been lost in the hills for the past six days.
It was only the past six days that our family was off in the hills but I feel like I have been there for weeks. My head is just lost in the clouds somewhere.
More pictures and stories from our camping trip to come... right now I am off to bed... being lost can really be draining.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The little mans day

Today my little man turned four.
We started off the day when he joined me in my bed at 745am. I think he was just so excited about it being his birthday that he just could not sleep any more. This was probably one of the best parts of the whole day. It brought me back to when he was a little baby and we would lay in bed til 10am most days just soaking up each other.
We got to lay in bed for a little while before the little lady started calling my name.
Last night before we went off to sleep the little man and I made chocolate dipped pretzels to share with his friends after play to learn.
So when he got up we had to try them again to make sure that they were still yummy.
We just melted up some natural chocolate chips and dipped Trader Joe's honey wheat pretzels in to the chocolate. Put them on some wax paper and let them dry.
All his friends and their mamas enjoyed them.
Today was a beautiful day so we were able to play at the park and go for a walk up to the library and the store.
When I asked the little man what he would like for his birthday dinner he replayed 'pizza and hot dogs.' There was only one place I could think of that we like to eat at that has that combo, so we had dinner at Costco. There were a few things I needed to pick up there also.
You cant have a pirate birthday party without Pirate Booty.
I also decided last night that it would be fun to knit all of the kids pirate patches. I dont know why I come up with these crazy ideas. I guess I like to be stressed. So on top of getting the whole house clean by Sunday I now decided that I am going to knit up 20 or so pirate patches. Why!?!
They are very cute though.
I am using the scarvy eye patch pattern on Ravelry. The only thing that I have going for me is that they knit up really fast. I think that it took me all of 30 minutes last night to make one.
So one down 19 more to go.
The little man has now decided that he is no longer a baby since he is four. But in my eyes he will always be my baby.
***Sorry about being MIA for a week and the lack of photos in the posts. The little lady is working on her top molars so that is really disrupting my sleep lately. I dont know why but some days I take lots of pictures and other I take none but its getting them on the computer that is the hardest part. So then I just end up resorting to the ones that are on the phone. Not the greatest but better than nothing. Maybe things will get better, one can only hope.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh what a day

Next week is the last week of play to learn before the long summer break. We will be celebrating it with a dance party and little get together after to celebrate the little mans birthday. He is very excited. He wants to make chocolate dipped pretzels to have as a treat.
I am looking forward to a break from play to learn. I know that we are not forced to go but it so much fun to see all of our friends every week and play together. But after today I think a break will be nice.
I spend 95% of the class picking her up off of the tables. She has learned that the 'good' toys are up at the table. She does not want to just do the table activity once but she wants to do it the whole time. She also cant just sit in the chair she has to be up on the table.
On top of all the table climbing she also managed to break the glass canning jar her snacks were in. ERRR. Before I knew what was going on glass was all over the floor. I normally dont let her walk around with jars but this all happened so quick. Jars drop at home all the time and dont break but today was just my lucky day.
This afternoon the sun decided to come out.
We went for a short walk and played with some friends for a little while and then we made it home just as the hubby was pulling into the driveway.
We hopped into the truck with him and joined him as he mowed two lawns. I had dinner all planned but instead we had pizza and pop. I guess every once and a while we are aloud to be spontaneous and eat junk food, right?
One of the lawns that the hubby mows is his Grandmas. The littles had a blast running around playing 'tag'.

 For the longest time the little man would say 'tazer it' instead of 'tag your it'. (Yup thats my son.) He has just started saying 'tag your it'. I never corrected him cuz I dont think he would of believed me and it was really cute.

He did end up helping her up after this picture was taken and we had a nice talk about playing more carefully. The little lady was not fazed much by the push. She was right back up and running as soon as she brushed her hands off. (Thats my girl)
It felt like spring today. Sunshine, bare feet, fresh cut grass, and family fun.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today 05/04/11

We were awaken to the beautiful sunshine this morning. To bad the hubby is not feeling so hot. I dont know if it is a cold or allergies but either way he is not feeling so good. He even called in sick and spent most of the day in bed.
The littles and I got up and got ready for a play date. The weather was so nice we decided to walk the 10 blocks. I was not so worried about the walk there but more worried about the walk home.
If you dont know our small town is a large hill. Our house is just about on the top. So for me to walk to this play date it was all down hill there but than on the way home I was pushing a double stroller and two kids (50+ lbs) up the hill. But I made it, and it felt good.
The little lady fell asleep on the walk home and moved into her bed without even waking. And to my surprise she took a 3 hour nap. It was nice. While she was napping the little man decided to crawl into bed with the hubby and they both took naps also.
So I had the whole quiet house to my self for a good hour and a half.
So while everyone napped I sewed a Mei Tai for a friend. I just loved how it turned out.
I think that I am going to have to sew myself another one. They are just too cute.
I used it a lot when the little lady was smaller but then for some reason I now just always reach for my Ergo. I like the Ergo but its just not nearly as cute as the Mei Tai or as soft or made with as much love.
First I have to get thought my large pile of items that need to be sewn and than maybe I can sew me something... oh wait.. than I need to go through my knitting pile.
Why cant there just be a few more hours in the day?