Thursday, October 29, 2009

A quick trip

Yesterday we got back from a quick trip up to my parents cabin.
We were welcomed with a few inches of snow.

I just spent some time relaxing in the warmth of the cabin, knitting. I only left the warmth of the cabin to take a few pictures of the little man and than I was back to my warm spot on the couch.

While I was inside relaxing the boys were working. There were a few last minute items that needed to get done before it really starts snowing.

It was great to just get way, even if it was only for a night.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A little under the weather

The little man woke up on Wednesday morning not feeling very well.
Not long after that I started to not feel so well.
He is over it but I am not.
I guess that is just how life goes.
When I woke up from my nap yesterday my kitchen and living room were clean.
Thank you hubby. There was even clothes in the washer.
Since I have not been feeling up to blogging or taking pictures here are a few that the little man took a few days ago.

Me curled up on the couch in the hubby's coat trying to get some rest.

The little mans new train table. We bought of off Craigslist for $25. He loves it.

A little splash of color in the little mans new bedroom.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays

One last pumpkin.

(Pumpkin painted by the little man and photo taken by the little man also)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere

Since none of my five pumpkin plants in the backyard decided to produce any crop, we made a trip to the pumpkin patch. Well we never made it to a real patch. None of the local ones were open on a Monday morning at 11 am. So we went to the local fruit and vegetable stand.

The little man has been talking about pumpkins and hay for weeks now and now we got to get up close and personal with them.

After looking at all of the larger pumpkins the little man really just wanted one that he could hold. So we found a few sugar pumpkins that will do the job. That hopefully after Halloween I will find some time to bake them and freeze them for later use.
We than had to pull out the paints and make them look even more beautiful.

I hope everyone is enjoying fall as much as we are.

Friday, October 16, 2009

What I have been up to

I have been neglecting my blog but not my house.

Since the news that I received on Monday we have finally really started to get our house together. We are changing our back storage room into the little mans room so that when the bun gets here she can have his smaller room (not like she will use it right away anyway). So this means getting rid of a bunch of "stuff," reorganizing (well really just organizing everything in the first place)and lots and lots of shredding.

The back room is now empty. Ready to get the door put in and than painted (if we can ever decide on a paint color). We still need to pick up a mattress for the little mans new 'big bed' and than his room will be mostly complete.

Our new storage room/ office/ music room still needs some work. The drums have found a temporary home, we sold half of our desk on Craigslist (along with everything else that we can live without) and very soon this room will be in order also.

I went through all of the little mans old clothes. I have two overflowing garbage bags and three boxes to give to friends with little boys. One box to take to consignment and one more over flowing garbage bag for the Goodwill.

Today I am off to the consignment shop and Goodwill. Maybe I will find something pink that I just cant live with out.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Whats your guess!?!

Take a guess. Am I having another boy or will it be a girl?

I want to know what you think.

I will hopefully find out on Monday. And so will all of you.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The real Mr. Potatoes Head

The little man enjoys playing Mr. Potato Head. The first time he played them was at Church. His teacher told me he loved them so I started keeping my eyes open for them at thrift stores. I also asked his grandma to get him one for his birthday. Now we have five potatoes and many accessories. We are always building whole families of potatoes. But I forgot to mention the best potato head of all the little man.

(Yes, that is a dirty face you see in the picture. I guess I just cant help it.)
I would say most of the times we play (if not all the times) he is wearing the potatoes glasses. I cant help but laugh every time. We have a green pair and two black pairs so there is normally a pair for me and daddy also.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The messy little man pt. 2

Not jocking this picture was taken less than 30 minutes after I published the last post.

Yes that is my little man with jelly from ear to ear.

The messy little man pt. 1

Growing up I can remember being called a 'rag-a-muffin.' I dont know if it was because my clothes never matched or because I was always dirty or a combination of both. So now being all grown up (well working on it) I find my self still having those days again. I also am finding the little man having those days also thanks to me.

I wanted to get some pictures of the little man playing trains, it is one of his favorite things to do right now. So while going through the pictures I saw something that I did not notice before.

Do you see it? Here's a closer look.

Yes, that is PB and J on his face leftover from lunch. What kind of mom am I?!? At least I was still able to capture the memory with a few more pictures with out a messy but beautiful face.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I have been knitting

I finished two knitting projects last week and one the week before.

Two weeks ago I made a diaper cover for a friend using this pattern from Ravelry. The pattern is really simple. I have knitted up a few now but I just dont have a baby to try them on yet. I hope that it is a good fit. The medium fit the little man perfectly just over his underwear.

I also knitted up this hat for a friend at church. Another simple pattern. I would say that the hat runs a little big. I am thinking of making one for myself but I will have to adjust the pattern a little so that it fits my head.

I also knitted the little man this cookie monster hat.

He really wanted a cookie hat but once I had it finished he wanted nothing to do with it. I can get him to wear it when he goes outside. I just knitted it with some cheep acrylic yarn that I had. I did not really follow a pattern. It is a little big, and the eyes look supper silly, but we were out a few days ago and a lady I did not know knew that it was cookie monster so that made me feel good. I might have to try doing another one that looks a little better.

My needles are now empty so I guess it is time to start something new. Something for me, the little man, the hubby or the bun I just cant decide. If I am going to start anything for the bun I should wait until next Monday when I should find out what it is. So maybe I should start a hat for me or maybe venture out ant try some socks.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall days

I cant believe that it is already October. The hubby is already counting down the days till Christmas, listing to Christmas music and mapping out what our house will look like this year with Christmas lights.
Even though it is October we have still have some amazing fall days lately and been able to spent lots of time outside. Playing with...

He was a mess.
Power wheels-

Lawn mower-

Even tough we have had some great days it is still getting colder and the little man has spent some time playing inside with...


Our family even gathered around our first fire of the fall season a few nights ago.

I just love the fall.