Friday, October 16, 2009

What I have been up to

I have been neglecting my blog but not my house.

Since the news that I received on Monday we have finally really started to get our house together. We are changing our back storage room into the little mans room so that when the bun gets here she can have his smaller room (not like she will use it right away anyway). So this means getting rid of a bunch of "stuff," reorganizing (well really just organizing everything in the first place)and lots and lots of shredding.

The back room is now empty. Ready to get the door put in and than painted (if we can ever decide on a paint color). We still need to pick up a mattress for the little mans new 'big bed' and than his room will be mostly complete.

Our new storage room/ office/ music room still needs some work. The drums have found a temporary home, we sold half of our desk on Craigslist (along with everything else that we can live without) and very soon this room will be in order also.

I went through all of the little mans old clothes. I have two overflowing garbage bags and three boxes to give to friends with little boys. One box to take to consignment and one more over flowing garbage bag for the Goodwill.

Today I am off to the consignment shop and Goodwill. Maybe I will find something pink that I just cant live with out.


*Michelle* said...

Oh, you will! Girls' clothes are hard to resist. :)

meomagic said...

Gosh, you have been one busy gal.