Thursday, October 8, 2009

The real Mr. Potatoes Head

The little man enjoys playing Mr. Potato Head. The first time he played them was at Church. His teacher told me he loved them so I started keeping my eyes open for them at thrift stores. I also asked his grandma to get him one for his birthday. Now we have five potatoes and many accessories. We are always building whole families of potatoes. But I forgot to mention the best potato head of all the little man.

(Yes, that is a dirty face you see in the picture. I guess I just cant help it.)
I would say most of the times we play (if not all the times) he is wearing the potatoes glasses. I cant help but laugh every time. We have a green pair and two black pairs so there is normally a pair for me and daddy also.

1 comment:

greg said...

wouldn't it be cool to make a mold of our own heads and see what we would look like with all those accessories! Let's work on that one...