Friday, December 26, 2008

364 days till Christmas

Most of you already know that Christmas is over. I just cant believe it. We had a great time with our families, I got everything and more than I needed, the little man enjoyed giving and receiving presents, the hubby enjoyed the food and we had a white Christmas. What more could I of asked for. I hope that everyones Christmas was merry and bright.
The little man wanted to say thank you for all of his wonderful gifts so he is going to play a song for you.

The little man was so excited over the past two days he did not sleep very well. So today he fell asleep right after we got out of the shower.

The naked little man sound asleep in our bed

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

Since I was a little late on doing our Christmas card this year. Here it is. So dont expect to get get one in the mail.
I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow, Surgery, Sleep, Scarf and more Snow

Those are the first five words that come to mind when I think of this past week. Thursday morning the little man went in for SURGERY. It was something that needed to be taken care since he was 2 weeks old. It was something that could of been prevented if this doctor was not such a snob.

The morning off surgery Sound asleep

Anyway enough about her. Everything went great. In the Doctors words it went perfect. We got to Mary Bridge just before 8am. We drove very slow in the SNOW from our house on one hill to the hospital on the other hill. At about 10:30am we handed our kicking screaming little man off to the nurse as we walked off crying down the hall. About an hour later they told us that he was on his way to recovery. When we got down to recovery he was sitting on his bed crying and saying "I want my mama." When he realized who we where he stared crying and whining more. I picked him up and he kept saying that he was all done and pointing at the IV in his foot. He finally calmed down enough and nurse.

When we got back to out room the little man informed us that he needed to go potty. I asked the nurse for a bed pan but she handed me a cup for him to pee in. Like that was going to work. So the hubby and I walked down the hall to the bathroom. By this time the little man was shaking because he is trying to hold it. He did not want to sit on the potty so back to the room we went. We did this one more time before he went. Both my hubby and I could not believe that a children's hospital would not have accommodations for potty trained kids.

The drive home went slow again because most of the time we were at the hospital it was snowing. It was so nice to be home and know that our little man wont have to go through this surgery again. All the little man wanted to do was SLEEP.

Wanting to sleep after we got home

While at the hospital I started a SCARF. It is nothing too fancy. I am using three of the balls of yarn that I got from my sister last Christmas and another ball that was my grandmas. My goal for it is to one day have a matching hat.

We got more SNOW. The little man was feeling well enough to go out and play in it on Friday. Saturday and Sunday we went sledding and today we tried to make a snow man but it is just not pack-able so we made snow angels.

I cant believe Christmas is in three days. Well I guess I should be cleaning or baking.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Crisp feel of Christmas

That is what the little man calls snow. We got about a inch of it on Saturday night/ Sunday morning and to my surprise it is still here and there is more to come. I was told that it is not going to be above freezing for the rest of the year. All I can say is burrrrr.
I dont know how people survive in such cold (and colder) environments.
Friday and Sunday the little man got to see Santa. He just wanted to stair at him. When it was time for him to sit on his lap he started to fuss a little but we were able to get a few good pictures.
Christmas is only a few weeks away. We are doing a very simple Christmas this year. Very few presents, simple food and lots of loving family.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yesterday my Hubby came home with a wagon full of wood. No, not a little red wagon I mean his car full of wood. I know that he misses his truck but because of once rising gas prices we sold it and got a more gas friendly vehicle. Every time we drive past a gas station he started kicking himself for selling the truck. One day he will have a truck again but until than the wagon will have to do.

So the little man and I helped unload it all and stack it. I had a blast and so did the little man. It was a great free fun family activity that was productive also.

Now our family will stay warm this winter thanks to our churches building project.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa came early this year

The little man was playing around in the bath and put his face in the bubbles and come up looking like this. Just had to share.

Look what we made

Yesterday the little man and I made a fort. A few night ago we were playing around in our bed pulling the covers over his head. He was having fun he even asked for elmo to come join him but it was bed time so I told him next time elmo could join us. So as soon as our fort was built he went and got elmo and we had breakfast in the tent.
He even tried to feed elmo some of his apple
He enjoyed it so much it is still set up.
I also made something else. I knitted the little man a hat. I was so inspired by my scarf that I needed to start a new knitting project. I did not know what to make but I found two different types of green yarn and just started knitting. I knew I wanted to do stripes but that was all I knew. It was not until this afternoon that I knew that it was going to be a hat. So here it is. It is not perfect but neither am I.

I think that the little man might like it

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I finally finished one

After many, many months I have finally finished a knitting project. It may not be pretty or functional but I made it. It was going to be a scarf. I decided to use 1 1/2 inch strips of fabric instead of yarn so that it would hide all of my flaws. I think that it would of looked good if it was twice as long, but I ran out of fabric. Now I guess it will have to be a blanket for the little mans baby dolls or maybe a dish towel. What ever it becomes I will always know that it was my first thing I ever knitted all the way through and I guess I am proud of that.

The little thought it made a great pillow

Monday, December 1, 2008

What did we do before cell phones?

My boys on there phones

One of the little mans favorite toys is his cell phones. He has about five (no joke). My hubby and I just got new phones about 3 weeks ago and he was in heaven in the phone store. There was a big fit when we left but he cheered right up when he got to play with our old phones. He even knows what button to push to make it turn on if we hand him our phones turned off. Sometimes I think he knows more about my phone than I do. But it is so cute to see him walking around the house talking to whoever it is on the other end.

Some of his other favorite toys (that are not toys) are-


keys (but dont all kids)

the radio

the buttons on the bread maker

the buttons on the dish washer

hair brushes


What are some of your kids favorite toys (that are not toys)?