Monday, December 1, 2008

What did we do before cell phones?

My boys on there phones

One of the little mans favorite toys is his cell phones. He has about five (no joke). My hubby and I just got new phones about 3 weeks ago and he was in heaven in the phone store. There was a big fit when we left but he cheered right up when he got to play with our old phones. He even knows what button to push to make it turn on if we hand him our phones turned off. Sometimes I think he knows more about my phone than I do. But it is so cute to see him walking around the house talking to whoever it is on the other end.

Some of his other favorite toys (that are not toys) are-


keys (but dont all kids)

the radio

the buttons on the bread maker

the buttons on the dish washer

hair brushes


What are some of your kids favorite toys (that are not toys)?


meomagic said...

Oh how cute!!!
What about grandma's sewing-retractable measuring tape?

The Smiths said...

Karen, I love your blog. The little man cracks me up.

Eleanor loves to push a milk crate around the house. She also loves the steamer insert to one of our pots.


greg said...

just wait till he can talk on it... THAT WILL BE ANOTHER TRIP!