Monday, September 21, 2009

Not me Mondays

Where to start.

Yesterday the little man did not go to church in the same underwear that he wore the day before nor did we get out of the car in the driveway to pee because I had forgot to ask him if he needed to go before he got in the car. He also did not spend most of the afternoon half naked because I felt bad about the whole same underwear thing but not bad enough to have him dirty up a clean pair.

Also while cleaning my bedroom, that did not need to be cleaned, I did not open up the shelf that we have had for a few months that I thought was empty to find all of my stash of diapers in there that I have been looking for since I found out I expecting another baby. I did not then fill the shelf with all of my fabric that was laying around our bedroom, shut the doors and called the room clean.

Today I did not run out of toilet paper and I did not have to use a cloth wipe to get my self clean. I also did not skip out on house work to take the little man to a play date.

I will leave you with this picture that I did not take this morning when we were both still half a sleep and still in our pajamas.

No that is not the little mans name tag still on his shirt from church. Who would let there child sleep with stickers?

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