Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What it takes

While up at my parents cabin a few weeks ago my Mom picked up my camera and took a few pictures of me getting the little man dresses.

This is what it takes to get the little man dressed each morning.

It all starts the night before with convincing the little man to get his pajamas on. Just so in the morning you can start you day by convincing him that he wants them off and cloths on. It is a vicious cycle.

Once you got the pajamas off you than have to chase and catch the little man.

If you start with the shirt it is a little easier sometimes.

Than it is time to move onto the underwear and pants.

Take a little pit stop to kiss the boo boo that he got from trying to get away from me.

Stand him up and pill up and zip the pants.

Next you have him sit on your lap so that the socks can go on.

Than wipe the sweat off you brow because he is dressed for now.

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*Michelle* said...

Here's how to avoid all that:

1. Dress them in sweat pants & tee shirts 90% of the time so they can wear their day clothes to bed.

2. On the days they're wearing jeans, have them sleep in their shirt & diaper/pull-up only.

3. When they awake in the morning, take a good look at the clothes they're wearing & decide if they really need to be changed or not.

4. Don't buy any pajamas.

5. Repeat.