Wednesday, December 7, 2011

O' Christmas tree

Last night we bundled up the family, packed into the truck and headed off to find the perfect tree.
Normally we just put up our 'fake' one but this year we loaned it to some amazing friends so we could venture out and get a 'real' one.
We headed over to the local fruit stand in hopes that they had just the right one for us.
In years past we have not had the greatest of luck with real trees but this year we were going to put the past behind us and enjoy the experience of a 'real' tree.
We found 'our' tree hiding in the back row where it was very heard to see its beauty. It it a little crocked and not so full but I just knew it was going to look (and smell) amazing.
After a little sawing and trimming the tree finally made it into our house.
The Littles were very excited to start decorating it and both did a great job.
Lets just hope that the fire place does not dry it out too much and it will last til Christmas.
(Only one ornament was broke in the decorating of the tree.)

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