Sunday, December 11, 2011

Picture outtakes

Taking pictures of kids takes the right kind of person, and I dont think that I am 'that' kind of person.
Christmas is creeping up and I still have not put together cards. If I cant get a good picture of them both here soon I might just have to use one of these.
Here are the best of the worse pictures over the past week.

 Brotherly love= head lock.

 I just love it that I now have two kids that like to 'cheese it up' for the camera.
Those are my Littles and I love every moment of them!!!


Malia said...

Karen, these are adorable and your kids are super cuties, no matter what they do in the photo. :) I like the second one from the top.

Standard-Issue Parent said...

They are so much older looking than the last time I saw them. It's amazing to watch children grow.