Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First day of the new year

I have been neglecting my blog lately but I am guessing that you have noticed that,
I kept telling myself that I will post tomorrow or next week. Then as the new year got closer and closer I just said that I would post on day one of the new year.
Well day one of the new year has come and gone. Here I am fourth day into January posting. Better late than never, right!?
Sunday was a new day and a new year and the weather was beautiful.
We got dressed and ready for church.
The Little Man saw how beautiful the weather was and wanted to ride his bike to church.
He is always full of great ideas.
The Little Lady is working on her two year molars and not feeling so hot these days so she just stayed close to mama in the Ergo on the walk.
On one of the blogs that I read she does a photo on the first of the month of her kids. So I decided I was going to do that also and maybe it will help me to get a few 'good' pictures of the kids together. So maybe when Christmas comes around again I have a few 'good' ones to chose from. So here is my first one...
Not bad and not great but it captures The Littles on the first day of the new year.
Loving it.

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