Thursday, January 5, 2012

22 months

It is so hard for me to believe that my baby girl will be two in just two short months.
She is getting so independent. She wants to do everything herself (even if she cant do it she is going to try). Her new thing now is that she wants to wipe herself. Not yet little girl. So even thought I have asked her not to play with the toilet paper as soon as I walk out of the bathroom thats what she is doing (most of the time it is left off the roll out of her little reach). Then I find little pieces of TP all over the bathroom.
I am glad that she is wanting to learn to do new things but I just feel that somethings are not for little girls to do yet.
She saw her boots today and said 'my boots, my rain boots.' I had no idea she even knew that they were called rain boots. It was just one of those ah ha moments when I realized how big she is getting. And then when I was still in ah of the rain boot moment she said something else that just blew me away.
We were walking in to The Little Mans school with a very full bag of magazines. I was holding the bag on one side and she was riding on the hip on the other side. I must of made some type of noise because she says 'Me heavy?' I said 'No dear you are not heavy.' So she then said 'Bag heavy not me but bobah (brother) heavy.' All I could do was give her a kiss and smile.
Thank you daughter for the 22 months of amazing moments.

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