Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Enjoying the winter weather

Sunday morning we woke up to a light dusting of snow. Not much but both kids were excited.
It snowed off and on most of Sunday and Monday and we got a little bit more today.
The Littles enjoyed getting and playing in the white fluffy stuff.
They worked together today to make a snow castle. As they kept adding more and more snow to the castle it changed into a snow person, says The Little Man.

The Littles were able to go out in the front and ride their power wheel quads in the snow.
The Little Man did a great job of driving his quad all around. He told me today that he will be ready to get his drivers licence soon. We will see buddy.
Once The Little Man got off of his quad The Little Lady was right there to climb on. She thinks that she can do anything that her big brother can do. Not so fast little girl, you dont need to grow up any faster.
I even remembered to take the camera off of The Littles long enough to get a picture of The Hubby and me.

The weather men and women are saying that there is lots more snow to come. Its supposed to start snowing tonight at 10 and not stop until tomorrow afternoon. They are thinking 10 or so inches in the next 24 hours and 3 feet in the mountains.
Winter weather is finally here and we are going to enjoy it.

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