Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Very thankful

We turned our Thanksgiving into a mini vacation by hooking up the trailer, climbing in the truck and heading out of town.
We had fun spending our time with family and people we just met.
The weather was wet and cold but what can you really expect at the end of November?!
The kids were able to get out and ride bikes or go putt putting most days. But when the rain was coming down and the wind was blowing we were stuck inside. We watched WAY too much TV and now we are on a much needed TV diet.
Some of our time inside was spent playing games and drawing.
If The Little Lady finds a pen she will then be on a mission to find some paper. She just loves to draw. If no paper is found she might just start drawing on her belly.
On Thanksgiving morning The Little Lady even decided to leave a little turkey hand print on the trailer window.
It reminds me of this little hand print from a few years back.

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