Thursday, August 28, 2008

All boy.......

I have always been told that the little man is all boy. I dont really know what that means but today he showed me that there is more to him than just a rambunctious strong willed child.

While playing in his playroom he found a baby doll in his toy box. He calls everything a baby but this was really a baby.

I was sitting on the floor folding diapers (yes, I know that it is silly to fold diapers) and he came up and took a diaper and wrapped up the baby with it. I almost could not believe my eyes. He than took the baby and started rocking it in his arms. He played with it for almost ten minutes carrying it around up side down, playing with its eyes, hands and ears.
My hubby caught him playing with the baby a little later and of course got better pictures. This might be a one time thing but we got pictures to prove it.

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