Friday, September 5, 2008

We did the fair

We decided to go to the fair opening day so we could get in for free. It was crazy to say the least. It took us over an hour to get there which is about 40 minutes longer than adverage. After paying $10 to park the $10 admission was free.

I was babysitting 'Gigi' (what the little man calls her) so I borrowed a friend double stroller. It took a little getting use to but we were off and rolling. The first stop was the animals. I dont think that the little mans eyes could have gotten any bigger when he saw and heard all the animals in the barns.

Than it was lunch time. I could not leave the fair without eating a Krusty Pup. The little man and Gigi enjoyed them also. We found a nice cool spot under a 'Circus' tent to eat. While we were eating the clowns decided to start warming up.

Enjoying lunch under the big top

After lunch is was time to go look and all the different things the fair has to offer but the little man had other plans. He had decided that he had had enough in the stroller. So I found a nice grassy spot for him to run around in. When I looked down at the clock and noticed that it was almost two we should be getting home for a nap.

Just eating some cotton candy

Maybe next year when we 'Do the Puyalup' we will remember that it is crazy on opening day and stay clear or head there real early.

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