Saturday, August 16, 2008

A night out on the town

On Friday we went out with some friends. We started the night off at the best Mexican restaurant in Milton, Ranchito. After are wonderful meals we headed over to our house for some chit chat time. Since the house was 85 degrease we sat out by the pool.
At about 8:30pm we headed down to the park to watch the fireworks. While at the park we meet up with some other friends and danced to the live band.
The fireworks started at 10pm. It was another great show. The little man just sat there amazed. The show lasted about a half an hour. At the very end one of the fireworks flew into the crowed. Everyone seemed to be OK but it was a little scary. All and all we had a great Friday.
On Saturday Milton days continued with a parade down the main street. The little man just stood there in shock and watched all the people, cars, floats, and clowns. The hubby was at a car show in Tacoma and had a fun Saturday also.
Summer is almost over so we better get out and enjoy it before its gone.
Photos from our night in Mexico:

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