Thursday, May 27, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

Last week the little man, hubby and Grandpa O took a trip to Seattle to attend a baseball game.
The little man has been to baseball games before but never to the Mariners.
So I decked the little man out in his Mariners coat and hat. I had to do a little more convincing to get the hubby to sport his original Griffy jersey. But before they left both of them were looking sharp in the baseball clothes.

I guess that the game was really slow so just into the ninth inning the boys decided that they had enough. Enough of the cold, enough of sitting, and more than enough popcorn.
As they got to there truck and turned on the radio and headed home they heard that the M's won thanks to a little help from Griffy. The hubby was a little bummed that he did not stay to watch the end but they all had a great time.

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