Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WIP Wednesday

After many, many month of not of not having anything on my needles I finally started a new project. Its not that I did not want to knit it is just that I lost all of my bamboo double pointed needles a few months back and had not gotten around to replacing them. Oh ya... I had a baby a few months ago also that takes up a lot of my 'free' time. So after a quick trip to the craft store last week the knitting bug has bit again.

I have been very excited to try wool soakers on the little lady. The two that I knitted using my sisters pattern are still a little too big.

So I started her some rainbow shorties using this pattern.

I am using a Crystal Palace Yarn that is 100% wool that I ended getting for 30% off. The color is called circus but I think that it looks more like fruit loops. This is my first time knitting a ruffled edge and I really like how it is turning out.

Just one more leg to finish (hopefully today). Then they will be ready to be lanolized. Hopefully we will get some summer like weather here soon so she can wear them.

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*Michelle* said...

Cute! Looks like little lady is losing her hair! :) Wonder what color will grow in. If those yellow ones are peace fleece, you can wash them in the washer to tighten them up. They won't really shrink that much, but will become more water resistant with a little felting. :)