Monday, May 10, 2010

Amazing mama trait #1

Multi tasking

Photo taken by the little man last week as I nursed the little lady, checked my email and finished my morning coffee.

This is a trait that us mamas do without even realizing it. It's just in our blood. It is the only way that we as mamas are able to add more hours in the day. With out multi tasking there would be no way for us to cook three meals a day, raise your young children, get the house work done, grocery shop, shower and still find some time for ourselves.

Right now I am rocking a half naked baby, while typing this post, watching the little man play cars and listening for the washer to stop washing so I can put the clothes in the dryer and put in another load. I am also thinking about what I should cook for dinner.

Multi tasking helped us through our days but it can get us into trouble also. I have been so busy with all of my tasks that I have forgotten a few. This is how we burn dinner, leave the hose on outside and back into garbage cans.

What would we do without multi tasking


meo and hitty said...

M oms
U nbelievable things they do
L ove they give
T hankful which your family is
I nvincible
T hankful can’t have too many of those
A+ all mom’s are in my book
S leep which many of them go without
K ind all kinds of Moms
I nvincible, did I mention that?
N oble…it is truly a noble calling
G reat, good, gorgeous-all of them

And that spells multitasking!!

*Michelle* said...

LOL. I thought you were going to say the trait was our amazing ability to ignore the mess on the floor while finishing a blog post (not that I would know anything about that!). I love your idea for the week. :)