Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On my floor

I try to keep the floors in our house clean but with two young children and a long list of other things to get done they are not always that clean. We ALL have or fare share of spills and make our fare share of messes.
When you walk in our house it is always a good idea to look down as you walk because you never know what you might step in or on.
The little man likes to spread out his toys all over the floor and create huge cities and race tracks for his cars.
I have found things on the floor that have grossed me out others have made me laugh and others have left me wondering what is that and how did it get there.
Here are just a few items that you can find on my floor today.

Cars, playing cards, and even a toothbrush.
Sometimes what you find on the floor you just want to pick it up and shower it with hugs and kisses.

Whats on your floor today?
All pictures taken by the little man.


The Smiths said...

This post cracks me up, I was about ready to post pictures of Eleanor sleeping on the floor in the doorway of her room last night. Hope you are doing well. Your daughter is adorable.

*Michelle* said...

What's on my floor? Uh... tea. Noodles. Bird seed. Toys. Fir needles. Dog hair. Not taking a picture of all that!

meoandhitty said...

Well, Let's see...actually there is not a lot of food left on my floor for very long anyway...the dogs get to it pretty fast. But things I've found on my floor in the past run the range from money to dog puke...

Love Ya,