Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, Monday

I woke up this morning with many things on my to do list but all the little lady wanted to do was be held. Every time I got her to sleep she would wake right up as soon as I put her down. I would of loved to of put her in the mei tai but it is not so safe to do that while baking bread and brownies (before I know it she will be big enough to be a little monkey on my back). So every time I needed to put something in or out of the oven I had to put her down and she would scream until I picked her up just a short time later.

Once everything was baked and packed we were off to the park to celebrate the little mans birthday with his friends. He had fun running around with his friend sporting his mama made big #3 shirt.

The little man had a blast and the little lady slept the whole time in the sling of course.

It was such a beautiful day we spent the rest of the afternoon outside in the sunshine. We eat snacks, played, colored and I tried to get some knitting done (the little lady needs rainbow shorties for the summer, right?).

The little man spent some time playing in the hubbies truck.

The little lady slept and played on the blanket sporting a cute bib that does not really work so well at keeping her shirt dry from all of her drool.

The hubby washed and waxed our new 1982 trailer that the in-laws bought us (we have to pay them back once we have 'extra' money again).

Its in great shape. It just looks like 1982. It would be so nice if we could get the fridge working but it looks like we might just have to use it as an ice box.

We had bbq for dinner and now I am ready to call it a night but I think that the kids will be up for at least an hour longer. Hopefully the little lady will sleep an eight hour stretch like she did last night. Either way it does not matter because before I know it we will be celebrating her third birthday.

I am truly loving life.

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meo and hitty said...

Lil'MaMa Karen said, "I am truly loving life."

And that's what realy counts!