Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Amazing mama trait #2


I have been doing this one more and more lately.
This is the one of the reasons I dont meal plan or I dont make plans more than a few days out. Every time I make some sort of plans they almost ALWAYS change.

Just today while making dinner we got a phone call and things changed. Dinner was put back into the fridge and we climbed into the car. The little lady had to go with the flow and eat once we got to our location. Our evening was spent at my parents house with my mom and the kids instead of at home as a family with the hubby. We still had a wonderful evening it just was not how I thought it was going to be.

{The little man enjoying a 'special' treat while the little lady enjoys a little snooze at my parents house}

I have been improvising with 'special' treats with the little man. 'Special' treats in our house range from fruit snacks to toast to root beer floats. Adding 'special' in front of just about anything makes it most foods more appealing to the little man. I have tried to have carrots and dip be a 'special' treat but it did not go over too well.

Every time I hear the word improvise I think of a song I sang in elementary school. It sang 'Im-pro-vise means make things up'. I think that this would make a good theme song for mamas out there like me.

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