Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Win/ lose

I got no sleep last night.
Sometime I have been known to exaggerate a little, its just in my blood (thanks mom), but last night the little lady was up every hour. She did not wont to just nurse and go back to sleep. She wanted to be awake. So every time she woke up I had to do a little convincing rock her back to sleep. I dont mind rocking her but all night long does not really leave much time for me to sleep.
I think that it has to be her top teeth that are bothering her. Her gums are so swollen and I can see both teeth just below the surface.
So tonight we went out and got some teething tablets because I dont think the amber necklace is working anymore. It was working great for a while but not so much now. Maybe it only works when one tooth is coming in not four. So hopefully these tablets work because this mama needs some sleep.
So I reward myself today, for being such a trooper last night, was a soy pumpkin spice latte also known as a smile in a cup =]
Today was a beautiful fall day. A little chilly but beautiful.
The little man even sat out in the grass and watched as his favorite truck drove by.
Shortly after this picture was taken I went in to take the little lady potty like I do every time she wakes from a nap. And there in the bathroom was one of those pesky flies. After she had gone potty I reached for the hand towel.
I put the towel back and I swung with all my might but I missed.
Instead of hitting the fly I hit the light bulb in the vanity.
The light bulb popped and shattered everywhere. I was in shock. I could not understand what had happened. After I pulled myself together I wanted to cry.
The dumb flies were winning and I now had a huge mess to clean up.
I locked the kids up in the playroom with a baby gate across the door way and a large pile of O's on the floor and I got to cleaning. It did not take too long before the little lady notice that I was not in there and she started crying. I tried to clean quickly but I also did not wont to miss anything. I did as much as I could and then I rescued her.
Safe in mamas arms where she belongs.
I still did not trust my cleaning too much so I kept the bathroom door closed most of the night so that the little lady would not wonder in  there. Hopefully I can clean it a little more tomorrow while the little man is at school.
There was no way that I am going to let these flies win so I set out a trap for them.
A small dish of vinegar and dish soap. The first trap worked great.
I finally felt like I was winning.
I set trap number two a little while later and not one fly few into it. I think that they are getting smarter.
At least the little man got lots of enjoyment out of the box.

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