Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One bright fall morning...

the littles and I took a trip to a park.
Not just any park but one that I remember going to as a child. I only went there a handfull of times but I remember it being magical.
And it still is,
It has a large huge wooden play structure with so many places to explore and get lost in.
At first the little man was a little intimidated by the playgrounds large size. He wanted me to follow him around while he investigated. So the little lady, the camera and I followed him around until the little lady could not take it anymore and she wanted to get down and play too.

I just love the way his horizontal striped shirt looks with all the vertical stripes.

Notice the little ladys top tooth in this picture?
The park is also set on a small lake that the little man and his friend had fun exploring after lunch.
The water was cold but neither on of the kids seemed to care and both took of there shirts and insisted that they were hot. Oh... to be three again.
Empty Tupperware from lunch worked as great buckets and a spoon as the shovel.
After much play, it was time to head home.
You know that you had a great day at the park when it ends like this...


Jerrie said...

what park is that? I want to go.

RafnJen said...

Where is this?! Looks like fun!!