Friday, October 1, 2010

All by his self

I just dropped the little man off at school looking like this.

 Yes, that is two different shoes and Yes, they are both lefts.
For some reason we can only find one of the camo crocs. And since he wanted to wear his camo pants he just had to wear his camo croc also because the 'match.' So since the right shoe was MIA the blue shoe took its place.
I thought it was very creative and I never try to stop creativity so he went to school like that.
It could of been a lot worse.
He could of insisted on wearing his boxer shorts, leg warmers and lightning mcqueen socks.

Like he did the other day. I had asked him to get dresses so that we could head off to play to learn. When I walked into his bedroom this was his outfit of choice.
I did not really want to pop his creativity bubble but I also know that that was not really the best outfit for the occasion.
So we sat down and talked. We came to an agreement that if he wore pants to play to learn than when we got home than he could take them off and put back on the leg warmers.
The day before the leg warmer incident he did a great job getting himself dressed.

His shirt may of been on backwards and his pants had a whole in them but they were clothes and some days that is all we can hope for.

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Jerrie said...

He is so cute. I love the creativity and I am glad you are sensitive to it. Thanks for sharing this story.