Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dinner time

Since the hubby is back to work and a routine is starting in our lives again, dinner time is making a come back. It never really stopped around here but now it has really become a great time for us to all get together and talk about our days.
I tried out a new recipe. It was a flop.
The hubby was not a fan of the minestrone soup that I cooked half the day in the crock pot.
I have really been thinking lately that we need to eat a few meatless meals but I just knew that the hubby would not like that idea. So I kept pushing it away but it just kept popping back into my little mind. So I finally gave in.
The first thing out of the hubby's mouth as we sat down and he looked into his bowl was 'Where is the meat?'
The meat! Who needs meat when there is oodles of noodles, fresh picked zucchini, and a bounty of beans swimming all together in the same pot?
Well... we do.
It was a little blah. Maybe some meat would of added some more flavor to the dish.
I really should of done a little more recipe research. Using the first recipe that I saw that I got from a free bean book was not the best idea.
At least the bread was a hit. I have made the Betty Crocker county bread a few times now and I really like the way that it turns out. It takes a little more time than the no kneed bread that was my staple but it is worth it. I have a new favorite.
If you know of any great meatless meals send them my way and maybe, just maybe, I will get brave enough to try one out again. Until then you will find meat on our table and two cute kids ready to dig in.

I tried to be a little creative with this one. Do you see the little lady in the spoon?

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meo said...

You never cease to amaze me!!! My dear sweet Karen.