Monday, August 2, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week Giveaway

Like I promised I am doing a giveaway this week to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.
My plan was to have this post written and posted this morning but life happened.

So here is what you could win.

A made by me nursing cover.

A nursing cover is a nice addition to every nursing moms wardrobe. They enable you to be able to nurse covered up but still able to see your nursing baby through the opening in the top. They are very nice to use when babies are small and still need some help latching on.
This nursing cover is made out of 100% cotton fabric and sewn by me (so its not perfect). It has a curved opening around the neck so you can see your nursing baby. The neck strap is elastic for easy on and off.

Also (yes, I said also) a custom knit (by me also) breast beanie.

This beanie was inspired by these comics. Your beanie will be knit in the size and colors of your choice using 100% cotton yarn. You will be able to show off your breastfeeding support even when your child is not nursing.

There you have it thats what you could win.

All you have to do to be entered into the giveaway is to post a comment on this post with your email address. The winner will be chosen randomly on Saturday evening.
Here are some other ways you can enter to win.
- Follow my blog. Leave another comment saying you follow my blog
- Blog or facebook about this giveaway. Leave another comment saying that you blogged of facebooked this giveaway.

That it. Thats all you have to do and these lovely handmade items could be yours. Even if you yourself are not a nursing mama there must be someone that you know out there that would love to have these items as a gift.
Happy Breastfeeding week


meo and hitty said...

Oh my dear daughter!!!! I LOVE you so much!

The Smiths said...

I, of course, love to read your blog and watch your kids grow. I also love to see what new crafty projects you are up to. (that's why I follow your blog :)).


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog cause it is the easiest way for me to follow what is going on in your life.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

I'm entering your giveaway! I absolutely love the products! My email is

Anonymous said...

Posted your giveaway on my facebook profile page!
Facebook name: Brandi Arthur-Sherman. Thanks! :)

Katie said...

It was nice to meet you today! Katie

Katie said...

Posted on Facebook about your giveaway


Bao said...

That hat is HILARIOUS!!! Hahaha!!! @ gmail

Bao said...

I'm following your blog w/GFC.

Bao said...

Posted about your giveaway here (since I don't have a personal blog...I share one with my family; but I figured this forum gets much more traffic than my family blog!):