Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You can run but you cant hide

There has been some shady people trying to cause some trouble in our neighborhood.

They think that they can hide but they are wrong.

We have our eyes on you and if you come back we will see you.

And we will get you.

The other day we had a very odd thing happen.
The hubby and I were out in the side yard talking by the trailer when I saw thought the fence a car pull into the driveway. I quickly went back into the house to let the hubby find out who they were.
Two men hopped out of the truck. The passenger started walking to the front door but the hubby popped his head over the fence before he got there.
The men were a little startled. The driver then said 'Umm... we were just driving through and noticed that you travel trailer has not moved and we wanted to know if you wanted to sell it?' A bunch of red flags come up with that statement. First of all you dont just drive by and see our house let alone our trailer that is parked on the side. Second you dont go around at one in the afternoon knocking on strangers doors. A few other words (some nice and some not so nice) were exchanged with the men before they left.
The hubby just did not feel right about the conversation that he just had so he called the police to let them know. (Small town police like to be in the know).
Just today while the hubby was talking with one of our neighbors he said that two men came up to him this week also asking if he wanted to sell his utility trailer.
Things just sound a little too fishy for me.
So the day after the run in with the shady men we installed a security screen door. I had been wanting a screen door for a while and a wonderful couple in the church gave us theres. I was just wanting a plan old screen door but after what went on this week I am really glad that its a security door.

Maybe these shady men will get the hint that they are not welcome here.

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