Sunday, August 22, 2010


We had a wonderful family packed weekend.
We started it off on Friday with an amazing barbecued zucchini burger. Zucchini home grown in my mamas garden (mine has just started coming up) topped with fresh picked tomatoes and lettuce and homemade pickles thanks to a wonderful friend. Oh and how could I forget the mustard. It was amazing.
After a great dinner our family took a little walk down to the park to listen to some music. The little man was not too into the music, but I dont really blame him. He had more fun running the bases of the baseball diamond and taking pictures than dancing to the music.

*I guess she gets the bottom lip chewing from me*

On Saturday we went to the parade and picnic.

The kids had a great time watching all of the cars and people. The little man even sang the COPS theme song as the police cars drove by. We all had a good laugh.
Once the parade was over we were off back down to the park for a picnic lunch.
The little man is still a little too young to really do any of the games or activities but he still had a fun time with the other kids. They even found a worm and a very large mole whole to play in. The little lady enjoyed crawling around in the grass exploring also.

Later that night we were off to yet another park in the next town over to cuddle up under the stars and watch a movie on a very large inflatable screen.

There are just a few more weekends left in the summer so we are going to enjoy them as a family.

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Heather said...

We also went to the Milton picnic/parade dealy. We should get together sometime since we live so close! How old is your little girl now? I see you are doing that early potty training deal with her? Our little girl is 6 months now and we just started her on solids a bit ago too. Love your pics and your stories.