Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I was a woken this morning just before five am (I also woke up at midnight and three). I tried to just nurse the little lady back to sleep (like I did the other times) but she just was not having it. So I got up out of bed and we went for a little walk around the house. We finally ended up in her bedroom rocking.
Then all of a sudden through the blinds I saw a big flash of light, heard a loud bang and then the power went out. I was already sitting in the dark but now I did not even have the glow from the clock.
I quickly got up and told the hubby that I saw the boom. He was still half a sleep and a little unsure about what I was talking about. I explained to him and he got up to investigate.
I kept telling him it was right out side our window but when he went out there he saw nothing. None of the other neighbors looked like they had power (but it was also five am).
I was finally able to get the little lady back to sleep and I crawled back into bed also. It took me a little while to fall back a sleep but when I did wake up the clock was flashing 12:37 and it was just after seven am.
I still dont know what it was that caused the bright flash, the loud noise and our power to go out. The hubby said something like maybe it was a transformer or something. Maybe I will find out some day or maybe it will just stay a mystery.

On another note today the hubby pulled out the BB gun and him and the little man went in the backyard to test it out.
The hubby said to the little man 'lets go out back and shoot some cans'.
The little man replied 'Ya lets do cannonballs.'
We had to explain to he it was not called cannonballs it was called shooting cans.
The little man also thought that this gun was going to be loud so he insisted on wearing his 'ears.'

After the first can was shot the little man said to the hubby 'This gun is not as loud as your other one' and quickly took them off.

I never wanted to have that boy who played with toy guns and pretended to shoot things. When he was younger I tired my hardest to keep them away from these type of toys but he was just drawn to then (they say it is in there blood). So now my big concern is not really keeping these toys away from him but teaching him the difference between toys and real guns.

My heart just breaks for this poor family. I just cant imagine what they are going through. I dont want to ever have to go through anything like that so I will keep reminding my son everyday that Daddy's guns are Daddy's and you DO NOT touch them unless Daddy is helping you.
Right now the boys are out with Grandpa M. They were headed up to go check out a canopy for Grandpa M truck. Its going to be another long night for the little man. The hubby some how thinks that midnight is an OK time for a three year old to go to bed. Hopefully the little man just falls a sleep on the ride home. One can only hope. The little lady is down for the night. I dont think that I will ever get tired of watching her sleep or holding her while she is sleeping.

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