Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Little me and little you

When I look at the little man I see my hubby. I think that they look a lot alike. They do many of the same things.
The little man is always looking up to his dad. Whatever the hubby is doing the little man wants to do also.
So it did not surprise me when he wanted to wear his 'loud car' shirt just like dad.

Complete with matching cameo pants. He has now mastered the art of getting dressed. He can do most everything by himself. Some times things get on backwards and sometimes he needs help but this is much better than me fighting him to get him dressed.

The little man is doing a great job ridding his bike. He will ride it all the way to the mailbox and back. He also figured out all on his own that hid John Deere trailer will hook on to the back of his bike.

So many times I have heard 'She looks just like you.' I see it but I also see the hubby.
She does have my eyes. I never knew how beautiful brown eyes could be.

Showing off one of her new skills pulling herself up.
She has the upper body strength to pull herself up but she is still working on the balance part. She is only five months old.
She is also enjoying pulling things up over her eyes.


I am enjoying watching my children grow and learn but I think that they are doing things way too fast. I just have to remind myself each day to slow down and take it all in.

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