Saturday, July 31, 2010


I just love the picture that I posted yesterday. This one...

It was taken while the littles were playing together in the play room. Most of the time they play nicely together but some times they get mad with each other. The little lady likes to play with the little mans toys and the little man likes to take toys away from her.

So I put the little lady in the jump up so that I could do the dishes in peace and not have to worry if she was eating legos or not. There was no crying from either one as I got a few house chores done.

{My one legged jumping girl}
It brings me so much joy to see and hear them play together. The little lady will just giggle and giggle as they play peak-a-boo. The little man loves to get a reaction from her.
The little lady just loves to pull the little mans hair and cheeks. She just squeals with delight.
I dont blame her. Who would not wont to pinch these cheeks?

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