Monday, July 26, 2010

Simple gifts

Sleep is a gift in our house.
Lately I have not been getting much of it but the littles have and I have been enjoying there naps. But I just cant stop myself from taking pictures of them as they nap.

Here is the little man napping in his place of choice, resting his head on a large pile of books with is pants on backwards. Priceless.

And the little lady napping in the rocking seat, not strapped in, with the hubbies shirt as a pillow while toys cover the floor just of the cameras view.

Those are just a few snapshots from my life. And I am loving every minute of it.

I received another gift today. An early birthday gift from my Mom and Dad. This one is just a little more tangible than peace and quiet, a bike trailer.

I am super excited. I could hardly wait for the hubby to come home so I could take it out for a spin. It hooked up to the bike really easy and I could hardly feel it back there.
The littles liked it also. The little lady even sat in there and played for a while after we were done riding. I guess it was so relaxing for her that when I took her out she just had to poo. On herself, me and the ground. So then it was bath time. She was still so relaxed that she forgot to cry while she was in the big bath tub or maybe (hopefully) she likes the big tub now.
While she was in the tub playing with her brother I was able to wash her wool soaker in the sink and relanolize it. I think that I am really starting to like wool.

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meo and hitty said...

Honestly, you have no idea how much joy you bring to our lives!!!!L